The Outreach Program announces the roll out of our latest, and fifth meal variety, Minestrone Soup.

“Outreach listens to our supporters who challenge us to keep up our tradition of offering meals that are part of today’s American diet,” says Floyd Hammer, co-founder of Outreach. “When we first started Outreach, packaging meals to feed starving children in Tanzania, East Africa, we had no idea how severe the hunger issue was here in the U.S. We learned in a conversation with the CEO of the Capitol Area Food bank in Washington, DC, that one of every two children in the DC metro  area were food insecure. As a result,  Kathy and I worked with the Iowa State University Food Science Department and created our first domestic meal, the Mac & Cheese dinner.”

“Hungry people need more than just something in their tummy, they need nutritious food,” Kathy Hamilton, co-founder of Outreach says. “With each meal created in collaboration with Iowa State University, we’ve been able to maintain high nutritious content along with the great taste”.

Unique to all the Outreach meals is the high protein content.

In addition to the Minestrone Soup, Outreach offers four other meal varieties:

·     Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (microwaveable)

·     Instant Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (microwaveable)

·     Pasta with Italian Basil Tomato Sauce (microwaveable)

·     Fortified Rice and Bean Meal

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