Roger Thurow draws attention to issues surrounding global hunger in his newest book, The First 1,000 Days. He examines the importance of mother and child nutrition from the time of conception until the child turns 2-years-old.

This brief video interview with Roger sets the stage: The First 1,000 Days. You can buy his book here.

Thurow follows mothers and their babies in Guatemala, Uganda, India, and Chicago as he chronicles the pressing need for nutrition in infants and children. The global community is responding with increased efforts to improve nutrition.

Any nation depends on a well-educated population to improve it’s economic and national security. However, if a child does not receive proper nutrition during its formative years, the damage that results to cognitive development is irreparable. If a child’s brain stem is stunted and undeveloped, no amount of education can overcome the damaged done. Proper child nutrition is paramount to maximize human potential.

Thurow, a former Wall Street Journalist who reported on the collapse of the Berlin Wall and interviewed Nelson Mandela when he was freed from prison, has thrown his intellectual passion and expertise into framing the issues surrounding global hunger. Two previous books are must-reads for anyone wanting to understand the cause and effect as well as the solutions to end global hunger. His first book, Enough: Why The World’s Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty provides insight to the political issues that create hunger. His next book, The Last Hunger Season, chronicles rural farmers efforts to become sustainable in Kenya.

The need to combine child nutrition with education in order to help the most impoverished children in Singida and Manyoni, Tanzania, to live a better life is why our Outreach Children’ Centers were formed. Children who normally would scavenge for food all day can now receive a school uniform to attend the local school as well as a nutritious Outreach meal. As our founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer say, “Education is the key to lift people out of poverty.”

Globally, many countries focus on increasing child nutrition through an effort called Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN).

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