Did you know that you can feed a person in the U.S for a year less than what it costs to hospitalize them for a day?

Did you know that agricultural production has to increase by 75% in the next 35 years in order to feed the population of 9 billion people by 2050? You can learn these important facts and simple ways to communicate them in the free ebook just released,  Changing the Way We Talk About Hunger.

This book is a compilation of relevant ways that you can communicate the issue of hunger to different stakeholders. The topics include:

  • Hunger and agriculture
  • Hunger and health
  • Hunger and national security/defense
  • Hunger and international health/nutrition

These messages are the work of various organizations that are members, along with Outreach, of the Alliance to End Hunger in Washington, DC. The Alliance is comprised of corporations, governmental agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, faith-based organizations and individuals who join together to build the political and public will to end hunger.

Rick McNary, VP of Private and Public Partnerships for Outreach, co-chairs the Advocacy Committee for the Alliance which produced these documents. The committee’s desire was to create messaging about hunger that is relevant to different stakeholders that would involve both concepts of relief and development in the context of domestic and global hunger that can be communicated easily to members of congress and the general public.

You can get your free ebook by clicking on the link below.  Once there,  you can download it into a pdf for printing or for reading on tablet. Also, check out the beginning of the series on our site: Understanding the Hunger Space, Part 1.

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If you would like to know more about the issue of hunger and practical steps to advocate for the hungry, please contact Rick at:  rick@theoutreachprogram.org or call him directly; 641-849-7428

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Changing the Way we Talk About Hunger

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