Outreach founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer, recently provided support to 130 bicycle riders covering 100 miles in two days with the Pan Florida Challenge (PFC). The PFC has raised funds through this event to provide 2.5 million meals to hungry children through 36 schools in eight Florida counties in the last two years.

“Kathy and I worked at three of the four ” Water Stops” and made lots of PBJ sandwiches along with Gator Aid, fresh fruit, water, and snacks,” Floyd says. “This event is a just plainly an incredible logistical, technical  and organizational accomplishment, and nearly all realized through dedicated volunteers and donors.”

Pan Florida provides their Power Pack Back Pack meals throughout the school year with on site delivery of meals directly to the schools. Pan Florida works closely with organizations Meals of Hope, Grace Pack, and United Way of Palm Beach.

Floyd and Kathy report that Pan Florida and Outreach are considering how to expand this incredible program to other States, and Florida counties.


If you have a similar activity that you would like to turn in to a way to help feed hungry kids in your community, contact us!


Or call: 641-486-2550


(Photos courtesy of Jim Gula, Director and rider)