The Two Most Important Concepts

            We, at Outreach, believe that hunger is the world’s most solvable problem. Do you believe that, too? Perhaps you’re like a lot of people and would like to see it solved, but not sure how it is possible. Join us on this series, Understanding the Hunger Space, as we show you the roadmap to ending global hunger. It’s doable; but first, we have to understand the cause, effect and solutions.

What is the Hunger Space?

The Hunger Space is the intersection of government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, faith-based organizations, civic groups and individuals in a community who work together to help feed the hungry.

The Hunger Space

The Two Most Important Concepts

            Have you heard the phrase it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish?  If you have, then you’ve been introduced to the two most important concepts in solving hunger. Relief is known as giving a man a fish. Development is known as teaching a man to fish.


It’s important to understand these two concepts because all of those who work in the Hunger Space focus on these two areas.

Relief: Give a man a fish

Sometimes you have to give people a fish or they’ll die. A natural disaster like a hurricane, typhoon, earthquake or any other calamity can leave people homeless and hungry. The worst is war that empties people out of their home, some never to return again. Imagine walking up to a refugee that just traipsed across a Somalian desert and handing them a fishing pole. Sometimes we have to give people a fish. Outreach has provided millions of meals to disaster victims in Haiti, the Philippines, the Ebola crisis in Liberia and Nepal.

Development: Teach a man to fish

            Development means that you help people, long-term, to become self-reliant. Caring about the hungry today also means you do everything in your power to help them feed themselves in the future. Education is the capstone of development. An educated person has the ability to lift themselves out of poverty. Read this inspirational story about our founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer, Creating an Entrepreneur Out of a Baragaite Warrior in Tanzania.

The restoration of human dignity must be the driving force of all that we do to help those in need. People desire the satisfaction that comes in providing for themselves and their families.

Stay with us as we continue to explain the Hunger Space and the ways in which people can truly work together to solve global hunger.

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