Our Promise: Medical

Health care is a luxury  in many developing countries.  The health of an individual affects all areas of his/her life and extends to the family, community, society and the nation.  Medical professionals from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and England have united for mission trips of healing and changing lives.  Each spring and fall a team of health care professionals will volunteer their time and medical skills to provide medical and surgical care to the people of Tanzania,  East Africa.

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The Volunteers

  • The medical team has grown to represent a seasoned team of international medical volunteers.
  • All volunteer members are personally responsible for their expenses for the trip.
  • Members of the medical teams and support staff have provided modern treatment to thousands of needy children and adults on missions for many years.
  • Each volunteer is responsible to work as a team, in gathering all the equipment, machines, supplies, and medications necessary to make their mission a success.
  • The medications, equipment and supplies are packaged for shipment at The Outreach Program’s warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa.  Bags filled with supplies and meds will be distributed to the volunteers to take with them as baggage.
  • Large equipment, machines, and supplies may be staged for shipment on a 40’ ocean container, shipping time is approximately 6 – 10 weeks to delivery .


Our volunteers partner with the Tanzanian National doctors and nurses to provide patients with the best possible care.  Classes are often taught by our doctors to teach modern medical techniques, and by the National doctors to teach tropical medicine and diseases.


Sixty percent of all children under the age of 5 admitted to the hospital with Malaria have waited too long to receive treatment and die.
With your donations The Outreach Program has developed a Mobile Medical Clinic called a Port-a-Doc; providing services to villages in bush areas that have no access to medical care. The Port-a-Doc contains the necessary equipment and medications for a doctor to administer treatment to people in the bush.

The pregnant women in remote villages also require prenatal medical attention. Walking over 20 miles to the nearest medical facility is not uncommon for needed services. With the Port-a-Doc in place a doctor is able to provide vital treatments, prenatal care and necessary vitamins to expectant mothers and children. The Tanzanian government supports the Port-A-Doc program by providing child hood immunizations.

Your continued support and donations for the Port-a-Doc program provides meds and care which are dramatically improving the lives of people who the doctor is serving. Thank you for your support!


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