Our Promise: Medical

Health care is a luxury in many developing countries.  The health of an individual affects all areas of his/her life and extends to the family, community, society and the nation.  Through the leadership of The Outreach Program, twice a year, medical professionals from across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and England united for mission trips to Tanzania of healing and changing lives. Since 2005, Outreach has supported 23 medical missions, and coordinated the work of more than 1,200 medical volunteers in Tanzania and Haiti. 

During each mission, which lasted 8 to 10 days, doctors performed an average of 60 major surgeries (including pediatric and women’s health issues).  Medical volunteers treated 800 or more patients on each mission for non-surgical needs. The medical volunteers partnered with local doctors conducting classes about current medical techniques and the Tanzanian National doctors teaching our doctors about tropical medicine and diseases.  The medical volunteers acquired, assembled and donated the medications, equipment and supplies which would be needed for their work.

National Doctors were trained to use the equipment which was donated to the hospital in Singida.  Outreach helped to design and develop the new Singida Referral Hospital and shipped ten 40’ ocean containers of equipment to the District’s new Singida Referral Hospital.  These missions are temporarily on hold.

Download a copy of the “Medical Mission Manual” by clicking here.


Pregnant women in remote villages of Tanzania require prenatal medical attention. Walking 20 miles to the nearest medical facility is not uncommon for needed services.

In 2004, Outreach recognized the need for rural medical care and developed a Mobile Medical vehicle called a Porta-Doc, which provides services to villages in remote areas that have limited or no access to medical care. The Porta-Doc was designed to serve the rural populations of the Ilunda Ward.

The Porta-Doc is a modular medical insert, installed in a specially constructed Toyota Land Cruiser. The modular insert contains potable water, refrigeration, medical supplies, and medications; necessities for a doctor to provide vital treatments, prenatal care, immunizations, and vitamins to expectant mothers and children. The Porta-Doc provides medical services and medical training which is administered by a Certified Medical Officer. 

Care is also provided to Gunda Secondary School students and every weekday to the residents of the villages around Nkungi.  The Porta-Doc Medical Officer provides in-the-field service to 800 to 950 patients each month.  Childhood immunizations, including Polio and HPV vaccine for teens, are administered by the Medical Officer.  These vaccines are supplied by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.   Education is provided to residents and students on health care and sanitation by the Medical Officer. Birthing kits and Days for Girls kits are provided by Outreach donors and distributed by the Porta-Doc Medical Officer.

Your continued support and donations for the Port-a-Doc program provides Medical Officer, driver, care, meds, and education which are dramatically improving the lives of people of the region. Thank you for your support!


You may contribute to The Outreach Medical Program by:

  1.  Donating for medical supplies.
  2. Donating to support the Porta-Doc.

If you wish to make a contribution to the Medical Mission please contact us or use the DONATE button at the top of the page and add “Medical Mission” in the Purpose field.