Our Promise: Clean Water

On the second trip to Nkungi Village Tanzania, Floyd and Kathy met with the elders in local villages to find out what they felt was necessary for survival. The response was overwhelming, safe water was to be top priority. People could not be productive while suffering from waterborne illnesses. Floyd and Kathy then met with the villagers to make sure they had the community’s support. This would ensure the continued success of the project over the long run. Thus, began the potable water project in Tanzania.

In each village Outreach accessed their clean water challenge to find the best sustainable solution to their water problem.  It may be repairing an existing bore hole or well, harvesting rainwater, setting up a bio sand filter, a chlorination system, or it might be using an Outreach school water filtration system, or an Outreach Water Point filtration system.  Our mobile water system could be the best solution in some areas.

You Can Help

Outreach has worked with Rotary, which has set a goal to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030.  Most developing villages need potable water – please help us give the gift of clean water and teach sanitation. You can work with us to make this important goal a reality.   Help us provide clean water to all.