Brand Partnerships

When you partner with the Outreach Program, you positively impact your brand, your company, and your employees. You also become an important part of helping the Outreach Program deliver on our Four Promises: Food, Water, Medical Care, and Education.

We focus on the following ideals when looking for a perfect partnership:

  1. Have similar values.
  2. Have similar targets, objectives, and goals.
  3. Have complementary skill sets that can offer mutual benefits.
  4. Are relevant to our consumers.
  5. Most importantly, are companies we trust!

Get your brand connected!


Give to projects, operations, or tools! Corporate Gift, Matching, Round up, Percentage of sale


Get your employees and clients to fundraise and collaborate together: Meal Packing event


Show the world the strong impact of our work: Gifted social media, Media support

Ways to Become a Brand a Brand Partner 

You’ve built a loyal audience for your brand. Whether you are embarking on a new marketing campaign, upping your philanthropic impact, or want to speak to new audiences, becoming a brand partner can help.


Co-branding is strategic advertising that provides the opportunity to place your logo alongside ours. Depending on your company’s goals and ours, this can look like your logo on our meal packages or co-branding an event. Get in front of our audience and yours!


Let your customers and employees know that you prioritize giving back. Whether it is through a corporate gift, employee match program, round up, or sales percentage, your contributions make an impact and show that you care about giving back.

Fund a Project 

Projects like building a school or children’s center take a significant amount of time and resources. Long term projects are a great way to make a dramatic impact on an entire community for years to come. We will do all the prep work, training, and oversight for the project. As a partner, you will receive regular updates along with a final document outlining how your funds have transformed lives.


Let your employees be part of giving back with a meal packing event. These events are a fun, exciting way to get your whole organization involved. Build morale and encourage collaboration all while helping feed the hungry.

Brand Partnerships Matter

It’s important to communicate in meaningful ways that your company values its impact on society. Your clients and customers care about your corporate social responsibility. Brand partnerships are a proven, practical approach to ensuring your company has a positive impact, regardless of your industry.