Cause related marketing, or cause marketing for short, is when a for-profit business partners with a non-profit for mutual profit.  

87 percent of consumers will buy a product because the company they’re supporting cares about a cause that’s relevant to them.

Benefits to For-Profit

Social cachet from being purpose-driven and socially responsible

Increased trust with their customers

Access to the nonprofit’s audience

Public goodwill

Increased sales

Benefits to Non-Profit

Funds for their cause or program

Access to the for-profit’s audience

Increased awareness

The benefit of the for-profit’s marketing resources

The most common forms of cause marketing are:

    1. 100 percent of sales donated to a cause
    2. Buy one, give one
    3. Donation with purchase
    4. Proud supporter (e.g., the company gives a grant or a gift to a non-profit or associates itself with a particular social or political movement)
    5. Volunteerism partnership, whereby employees donate their time for a particular activity
    6. Gift-matching
    7. Co-branded events

We will work with you to develop a sustainable partnership through transparency and communication.