Construction Equipment Magazine Recognizes Kansas-Based Hutton for Planning to Package Over 250,000 Meals for The Outreach Program

Construction Equipment Guide magazine has recently recognized Hutton, a design and construction firm headquartered in Wichita, Kan., announced it began engaging employees and their families in its McPherson office to package The Outreach Program meals in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The nutrient-dense, shelf-stable, easy-to-prepare meals are in high demand in Kansas and across the United States by food banks and senior-service agencies who serve a vulnerable, elderly population.

“In our discussions with local, state, and national agencies, they have alerted us to their need and growing concern to provide nutritious food for the elderly,” said Floyd Hammer, founder of The Outreach Program. “Agencies and charities who serve seniors are requesting our food. Although, our model has always been to package these meals with large groups of volunteers at meal packaging events, the limit of 10 people and social distancing has brought new challenges and opportunities.” Hutton is the first company to help The Outreach Program create a new COVID-19 Response model that engages its employees and families in a safe manner by observing social distancing requirements and utilizing appropriate PPE. Over the three weeks that Hutton will be working on the project, it plans to commit more than 900-man hours of time and package 250,000 meals.

Hutton is exercising corporate social responsibility in a practical and much-needed way, helping provide meals for seniors and other vulnerable populations.”Hutton is packaging five of our seven varieties of meals,” Hammer said. “All of our meals are formulated in collaboration with Iowa State University’s Food Science Department to be nutritious and taste good. We will assemble a variety of the finished meals into small boxes we call our Senior Assurance Pantry Packs.”

“We are excited to be able to partner with The Outreach Program in building this new delivery model to help support those in our community in need,” said Ben Hutton, CEO of Hutton. The Kansas Department of Transportation also contributed by picking up the meals and delivering them to various food-banks throughout Kansas. For more information, visit and

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