Corporate Meal Packing and More Events

 The Why



The Outreach Program has found that people like to roll up their sleeves and do something practical to make the world a better place. The wonderful part is that while you are feeding people locally, you are also transforming villages globally by providing food and education to the most vulnerable children in Tanzania as a way for them to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.

 The What



We set up assembly lines at your location for volunteers to engage in the process of packaging the dry ingredients of one, or more, of our seven meal varieties. An assembly line is made by putting two 8’ tables end to end, then placing all of the necessary ingredients, equipment and supplies on top to make the meals. Then we place 10-12 volunteers around each line that assemble, and box, the meals all in one lean-manufacturing process. During the packing event there is festive music playing, a bit of friendly competition between assembly lines and a set goal of packaging a certain amount of meals. 

 The How



A meal packaging event is a perfect way to engage your employees and their families, and your clients, in a fun, team-building activity that creates immediate social impact. The food packaged is then donated to the local community food banks for the hungry in your area.

 The Where



You choose the location. It can be in your cafeteria, recreation center, conference rooms or anywhere that is climate controlled.

More hands-on activity options:

  • Hygiene kits – We often send our food to emergency situations like the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. Sending along hygiene kits with basics is critical to assist the survivors.
  • Care/Backpack kits – A great way to help your local school’s backpack program. No kid eats alone!

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