Employee Rewards Program

 The Why



An employee who feels valued is more engaged, productive and likely to stay with your company. The Outreach Program can help you create a culture of caring, compassion and friendly competition as you engage your employees for good.

Our Employee Rewards Program is designed to reward both behavior and outcomes as your company creates social impact.

As your company creates a robust Corporate Responsibility Plan to effect change, our Rewards Program incentivizes your employees with both tangible and intangible rewards and honors. 


 The What



Tangible Rewards – We offer a variety of practical, yet meaningful, products. You can reward your employees with gifts from artisan crafts we purchase in direct trade from villages in Africa to custom-designed apparel and swag. These rewards fit nicely with an Employee Giving Campaign. 

Intangible Rewards – Recognition awards may cost your company nothing, but produce powerful results with your employees in keeping them motivated and engaged. 

We work with your company to enhance your culture by offering meaningful recognition awards. These awards can be given by their peers or their supervisors.

 The How



Rewards Based on Company Goals – As your company creates an overall plan to create positive change in the world, our tangible rewards are an excellent way to inspire.

Rewards Based on Team Goals – You can create a competition-for-good atmosphere for the various teams in your company. Our tangible and intangible rewards assure your employees stay motivated.

Rewards Based on Individual Employee Goals – Your company can leverage our rewards program to inspire deeper commitment from individuals. 

 The Where



  • Local (Domestic) – Our easily customizable rewards program rewards your employees with direct, social impact on a local level. Employees are highly motivated to engage for good when they can see their efforts directly impact social good in their own community. 
  • Global (Int’l) – Employees are far more engaged if they know their efforts are creating measurable, social impact. Through our four promises of safe water, food, medical care and education, we provide the opportunity, and proof, that their efforts are creating positive change internationally.

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