Get Involved: Children’s Center

Education is the ladder by which students can climb out of deep poverty and hunger. We have a unique model in Singida, Tanzania, which empowers kids who live on the streets to go to school and be fed a nutritious meal. Therefore, we feed the children and encourage them to attend their local schools. We believe this model is an efficient use of available resources rather than trying to maintain our own schools. We have also been requested by the wife of former President Kikweke to replicate this model in at least 12 other villages.

Now YOU can help The Outreach Program help children.

A donation of $35/month helps The Outreach Program build staff and operate the children’s centers in Tanzania. You will receive monthly updates, annual reports and pictures from the Children’s Centers.

What your $35/month support provides:

  • Education: The children cannot go to school unless they have a school uniform. Since many of them are street children with no means for basic survival, a school uniform is out of reach.
  • Mentoring: We have adults who come to the center to assist the children in their studies.
  • Food: We feed over 600 children every day in Singida. In Manyoni, we are feeding 400 children. If resources were available, we would feed even more. The Outreach Program’s KidsCare meals are nutritious and packaged in the United States by thousands of volunteers. These meals can be packaged in your community.
  • Minor Medical: We take two medical mission teams each year, as well as have a full-time medical professional on staff in Tanzania.
  • Management: Although The Outreach Program is not a religious organization, we have a great relationship with two local orders of the Catholic church who provide oversight.