The Promise of Education

Children’s Feeding Centers

Education is the ladder by which students can climb out of deep poverty and hunger.

We have a unique model in Singida, and Manyoni, Tanzania, which provides the most vulnerable children with access to nutrition and ways to make the most of their education.

How it Works

Currently, we assist more than 1,200 children each day. We work in collaboration with the school system, but provide the type of support that the children need to succeed.

What We Provide:

  • School uniforms so the children can attend the local government school.
  • A nutritious meal each day after school (this may be the only meal the children receive each day).
  • A safe place to eat, study and play after school.
  • A tutor to help them excel.  The pass rates for our students are nearly 100% – twice the national average!

Opportunities to Engage for Good

You can make a financial donation designated for supporting the functioning aspects of our centers, or shop at the following link to buy products that support our program.

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Want to get Involved? Perhaps start your own fundraising team in support of children’s centers with your peers and family?

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Manyoni Children's Center

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