We need YOU to unite in the fight to end hunger!

25 cents feeds a kid, $1 feeds a family of 4. Money raised turns into people fed.

A staggering 49 million in America, including 1 in 5 children, are food-insecure. We have regional food banks, local food pantries and schools that would like more meals than we can produce. But there’s hope!

Ending hunger is easier than you think. While the average individual (man, woman, and child) in our country spends over $850 on Christmas, if everyone in New England who has enough food gave $13.25 (i.e. less than 2% of what we spend on Christmas) and packaged meals for 20 minutes each YEAR, those who don’t have enough could eat every day. There are other states we’ve worked in that are very similar:

  • NJ: $13.00 and 20 minutes
  • NY: $14.75 and 22 minutes
  • PA: $15.00 and 23 minutes
  • MN: $10.75 and 16 minutes

And these are just a few examples. The same holds true across the country. And right in your own backyard.


One person working on an Outreach Program packaging line can package 200 meals in just one hour. That’s how you can make an impact TODAY!

Individuals drive the initiative–people like you will make our goal of 15 million meals by 2018 a reality.

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