Hunger-Free Iowa Initiative



In August 2014, The Outreach Program began the domestic program, Hunger-Free Iowa Initiative (HFII). In the first year, we piloted in five counties and multiple schools. Now in the second year, HFII is engaging 15 counties and 3 universities in the fight against hunger.


A hunger-free Iowa.


To eliminate hunger in Iowa by providing a platform for local leadership teams to collaborate and find solutions for hunger in their community.


  • Establish Iowa as the state with the lowest rate of food insecurity
  • Provide communication platforms for local leadership teams to collaborate and find solutions for hunger in their community through Hunger Dialogues.
  • Initiate and/or support Hunger-Free Community Leadership Teams/Networks in Iowa’s 99 counties.
  • Gather resources for each county around hunger and food insecurity.
  • Provide the opportunity for a community to sponsor a meal packaging event.
  • Create a network of Hunger Warriors within Iowa’s school, colleges, and universities.

How to get involved

Have a HFII Informational Meeting

    • A HFII Informational Meeting is a platform for the HFII team to inform communities what the HFII team can provide and for the HFII team to learn more about the community’s activities and resource around their hunger relief. The goal of this meeting is to lead into a county Hunger Dialogue.

 Have a Hunger Dialogue

    • A Hunger Dialogue is a platform for empowering leaders of all ages and sectors to collaborate for a Hunger-Free community and a Hunger-Free Iowa. The structure of the dialogue depends on the county’s needs and resources, but it is generally structured as follows:
      • Introduction to county hunger – Outreach staff and community stakeholders present briefly on hunger, the Hunger-Free Iowa Initiative, and community programs
      • Small and large group discussions –attendees discuss causes of, solutions for and barriers to hunger relief in their counties
      • Formulation of a plan to continue the discussion
    • Optional meal packaging demonstration – participants have the opportunity to package meals for the community.

 Form a Hunger-Free Leadership Team/Network

    • A Hunger-Free Leadership Team is a self-selected group that establishes common goals, plans action steps, assigns tasks, develops a mass/communication strategy, and creates a timeline for action.
    • The Hunger-Free Iowa Initiative can provide support in creating the strategic plan.
    • Possible Leadership Team Meeting Formats
      • Networking: Hunger fighters and community members come together to discuss their individual projects and programs.
      • Collaborating: Hunger fighters and community members work together to create or support programs or events to eliminate hunger.
      • Other: Hunger fighters and community members come together in a meeting designed to fit their needs.

 Host an Outreach Kids Care Meal Packaging Event

    • Outreach Kids Care Meal Packaging Events bring people, organizations, and businesses together to package meals for the community. Work with one of our Event Coordinators to plan an event with the greatest impact.
    • Add a resource fair to a packaging event by inviting local nonprofits, religious groups, civic organizations, governmental agencies, and businesses to share their services, programs, and volunteer opportunities

 Hunger Warrior Program

    • A Hunger Warrior is an individual of any age who is motivated to take action in the fight against hunger, poverty, and poor nutrition. Hunger Warriors learn about local and global hunger issues by engaging in service-learning through meal packaging for the food insecure and other volunteer efforts.


Check out our online resource guide for more information.


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