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Saving Lives with Clean Water

Can you imagine how awful it would be to drink water from a cattle pond or a mud puddle each day? Did you know that more than 2,000 children under five-years-old die every day because of diarrhea caused by impure water?  

The Waterpoint is the answer. This simple, portable and affordable solar-power unit is designed to take dirty water from a pond or puddle and produce two liters of purified water per minute. That’s enough pure water to supply 900 people per day with their intake requirements.

How it works:  The Waterpoint is designed for ease of transport to any available water supply. The durable tires and ergonomically designed handle make the unit easy to take anywhere. The solar panels provide the clean power source for the pump to push the water through a .01-micron filter membrane which captures bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

Benefits to Individuals: Simply having pure water to drink would prevent diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio. In addition to preventing disease, pure water is critical to healthy living.

Benefits to a community: The Waterpoint is the perfect solution to small communities to provide microfinancing opportunities, pure water and healthier living conditions.

Chlorine Generator: Our solar powered chlorine generator plays an important role in ensuring that the pure water the Waterpoint produces stays pure as it is transported back to homes with buckets or bottles. Often, pure water is put in containers that are dirty, but the chlorine generator produces the chlorine needed to disinfect dirty buckets and bottles.

The Promise of Water: How Outreach Began

One of the first projects the founders of Outreach, Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton, did in 2004 when they began working in Tanzania was to repair more than 2 dozen bore holes (water wells) in villages.  After they watched children dying because of hunger-related issue, Floyd and Kathy asked leader in the surrounding village what they needed and their reply formed our mission: to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to those in need both at home and abroad.

Will You Help Us Provide This Solution to Others?

The Waterpoint is the solution to transforming dirty water into pure water, sick children into health children and provide economic opportunities for a poor village.

Purchase this affordable Waterpoint system with your family, your civic group, or even as yourself and gift it to one of the many villages on our list waiting for you to help them have pure water.

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