You Can Help Houston!

Immediate Relief - Donate Meals Today! For 25 cents a meal, you can provide nutritious food to those who have lost everything.  $10 = 40 meals $25 = 100 meals $50 = 200 meals $100 = 400 meals $250 = 1,000 meals $500 = 2,000 meals $1,000 = 4,000 meals Host a Meal...

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How Many People Can We Feed With The Burly Log?

"Just how many people can we feed from items created from The Burly Log?" That was the question Rick McNary, the VP of Private & Public Partnerships for Outreach asked himself after a friend gave him this Siberian Elm full of burls.  "I have worked with wood for over...

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Free book! “Changing the Way we Talk About Hunger”

Did you know that you can feed a person in the U.S for a year less than what it costs to hospitalize them for a day? Did you know that agricultural production has to increase by 75% in the next 35 years in order to feed the population of 9 billion people by 2050? You...

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