Partner Trips

 The Why



A Partner Trip is a perfect opportunity to witness the impact of the time and effort that your employees have invested in making the world a better place. Your company can choose a domestic trip or an international trip. 
 The What



Employees who are sent on a partner trip return to the company with broader knowledge of social issues, as well as the validation that their efforts are creating social impact. As they share their experience with others, they become your company’s ambassadors for your continued engagement.  
 The How



The Outreach Program will work with your company to customize Partner Trips which are consistent with your Corporate Citizenship Giving Campaigns and Corporate Sponsorship level. These partner trips are documented with video, social media and a photo-journalism story that is made available both in digital and print format.
 The Where



  • Local (Domestic) – A selected person or team from your company may choose to tour our Headquarters in Iowa and spend time with our founders and staff. This is a behind-the-scenes look at our humble beginnings, how we set up the logistics for our meal packaging events and the ways in which we design our meals. This is available for one person from your company with the Gold Level of Corporate Sponsorship.
  • Global (Int’l) – A selected person or a team from your company can choose the exclusive Founder’s Trip to Tanzania, in East Africa. Travel with Floyd and Kathy to Nkungi village where they began their work. In addition, you will see our Porta-Doc in action as we deliver medical supplies and aid to remote villages and visit the Children’s Feeding Centers in Singida and Tanzania. This is available for one person from any company with the Platinum Level of Corporate Sponsorship.

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