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Access to rural areas with medical care is now easier in Tanzania, East Africa, because of our Port-a-Doc!

How It Works:

  • We customize a pickup with convenient storage and refrigeration so medicines and supplies stay safe, clean and fresh.
  • We provide a driver and a nurse to travel to rural areas where there is not access to medical treatment.

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Opportunities to Engage for Good

  • Sponsor a new Port-a-Doc! This is an excellent way to engage a corporation, organization or family in providing a practical and powerful resource. Contact us below for ways to sponsor a new Port-a-Doc and a two-year supply of driver, nurse and medical supplies.
  • Stock-a-Doc! Want to help with the cost of fuel, salaries and/or medical supplies? We can help you engage your families, friends, co-workers or just yourself as an individual in providing life-saving aid to rural African villages.

Want a Port-a-Doc in a developing country that you already support? Contact us for ways to make this work in a country of your choosing.

Call Today!


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