Transform Lives

The largest portion of the Outreach Program’s impact centers around food security. 95% of our meals stay in the United States to help feed those in need locally.

At least 14 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition around the world. 

Water is the basis of life. Readily available clean water allows people to spend less time and energy on getting water and more on work, and education.

Each Water Point System provides up to three gallons of clean water per minute. One system can support 600 people per day. The Outreach Program has distributed 75 Water Point Systems. This access to clean water has changed the trajectory of entire communities. Children are able to attend school, and adults can focus on providing for their families.

Medical care improves lifespan, dramatically improves infant mortality, and decreases preventable diseases. The Outreach Program strives to bring much needed medical care to rural villages in Tanzania through portable medical units.

The Outreach Program addresses this need in two ways: medical missions trips and the Porta-Doc. Since 2005 the Outreach Program has supported 23 medical missions with more than 1,200 volunteers. 

Sixty major surgeries are usually performed over the course of the mission.

At the beginning of the Outreach Program, we thought education was the key to lifting communities from poverty, but it is the final piece that can only come once a person’s other basic needs are met. The Outreach Program works diligently to help children get an education through children’s centers, schools, and assistance programs to provide items like school uniforms. Students attending the Outreach Program have pass rates of nearly 100%, twice the national average.

As a project funder you will also become a project sponsor. We want to keep you in the loop but projects take time.  Expect to hear from us over a two-year time frame.

Project Prep 0-6 months

Before construction, we do all of the prep work involved. This involves work permits and supplies and we use local resources whenever we can.

Project Progress 6 months – 1.5 years

Depending on the project, we collect reports from our people in the field.  We train the staff on usage.

Project Completion 1.5 years – 2 years

We collect photos and create a document that reflects how your funds have helped transform lives.

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Better Health

Getting immunizations and having clean water to drink and food to eat will make a person healthier and able to function better in society. 

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Sanitation and Hygiene

Water and food-borne illnesses are preventable with clean water.

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Stimulate Economy

With a healthier body, people can go to work and school and provide for the families and contribute to the working population, thus stimulating the economy. 



Women and children may spend 2 hours one-way walking to get water for the day. Having clean water nearby saves half of a day that could be spent on work and school.

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Getting children in school is important for mental development.  Our 8,000 acre farm is used to teach sustainable farming techniques to all to provide food for families and community.

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Food Security

Getting healthier, being able to work, and provide for one’s family plays into food security but also learning the farming techniques to be successful is important.