Skills-Based Volunteering

 The Why



Your employees want to make the world a better place and The Outreach Program offers a variety of ways they can utilize their skills to make a difference. At Outreach, we understand that people’s time is their most precious commodity and we want the time they spend volunteering to create impact. 
 The What



We offer a variety of ways for volunteers to support our four promises to provide safe water, food, medical care and education to those in need at home and abroad.

Within each of those four promises, we have need for skilled volunteers to help us fulfill those promises to the hungry. 

We work with your company to customize a skills-based volunteer program that fits your needs and creates deep personal satisfaction for your employees as they help create a better world in which to live. 

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 The How



Our skills-based volunteering program provides unique ways for people to engage both in-person and remotely. We live in a digital age and provide volunteers the opportunity to engage on-line and volunteer from the comfort of their own home or to volunteer on site internationally. 

 The Where



  • Local – We have a variety of opportunities to work with our organization on a local level that utilize the varied skills of employee volunteers and reflect positively on the image of your company in the community.
  • Global – We also have opportunities for skills-based volunteering on an international level through hands-on trips to those locations or providing support to those projects from the U.S.

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