UV Sterilization

UV sterilization works best on visually clean water. Of our systems it is currently the highest flowing at 10,000 liters per day (roughly 260 gallons per hour per unit). The base model consists of a reusable blown polyfiber filter element, a replaceable charcoal filter element, a UV sterilization tube, rollable solar panel, and a solar power storage/conversion unit. This unit in this configuration costs $2,750. Maintenance after installation consists of a semiannual bulb replacement (Bulb cost – $180), filter cleaning (poly) and carbon replacement ($45). Typical additions for this setup are a finer filter or chlorine generator for continued protection

UV System Results

UV Baseline Test

Cost: $2,750.00 USD

Bulb: $180.00 USD

Chlorine Sterilization

Chlorine generators are a cost effective way to purify unsafe water. They use a mix of common table salt and water to produce a power disinfectant capable of making unsafe water potable within 30 minutes. Simply add salt water to the fill line, hit the start button, and wait until the light stops flashing. After the light stops flashing, you can add the disinfectant to your quantity of water and wait. Chlorine test strips are included in all kits to determine whether water is safe to drink.

*Kits including the 20L purifier are for sale for international use only


20L Base – $115.00 USD*

Selectable volumes will purify up to 20L. This kit includes:

  • mesh bag
  • USB power adapter 110-220 to 5vusb
  • charging cable
  • brine bottle
  • chlorine producing unit




20L Deluxe – $275.00 USD*

Includes the contents of Option 1 plus:

  • Hard case
  • Powerfilm lightsaver solar panel and battery unit
  • 5v and 12v accessory charging kit
  • Chlorine bottle
  • 1 Year supply of salt




 200L – $350

Mixed oxidant purification for up to 200 liters per cycle. Includes

  • purifier
  • brine bottle
  • chlorine bottle
  • a cable to operate from a car battery
  • dosing cup and spoon


  • wall plug adapter for 110/220V  –  $66.50
  • 12V car adapter – $15.00


We are currently using .01 micron filters in our custom water systems. These systems were developed for a large scale project in Tanzania aimed toward providing safe water to children in the Moshi, Tanzania area. We use a stainless steel manifold and tubing to minimize breakage and leeching (this is the big issue in Flint, Michigan), as well as provide protection from the sun. These systems can be adapted to come from any water source and are simple to maintain. The only required maintenance is replacement of the filters semiannually ($45 each), and periodic flushing of the filters via the included valve. The base price of the system is $2,500, which includes the manifold and all tubing, solar pump, 4 filters, and a 200L chlorine generator for sterilization of dishes, buckets, etc. The pricing on these kits do not include the actual solar panel, controller, battery, the tank, or the stand. Our donor for this project has opted to source these in country, but the systems we’ve installed have been roughly another $400 – $600 depending on quality for these pieces. This setup is easily modifiable based on the specific area’s needs, but the base model is sized to run 1 gallon per minute and can be scaled up to fit.

Outreach is also working on a portable system utilizing the same filtration technology, but a hand pump for mobile water purification. This system can be fully back flushed to extend the life of the filters even further.

Filters – $45.00

Test Results from University of Iowa

Custom Purification

The Outreach Program can design custom water purification systems to fit the needs of your individual site. We use a combination of several different technologies to provide drinkable water anywhere fresh waster is available. To begin, please fill our the Custom Water Installation Questionnaire form (click button below).

Once you fill it out, please send it in. Here is how you can contact us.