Enough to be Compassionate meal packaging program

Steps to Hosting an Event

Have you ever wanted to host an event but don’t know how to begin?

First, watch this 2 minute video of the power of a meal packaging event to engage people:

Here are the Steps to Hosting an Event:

  1. Gather a team
  2. Choose a location
  3. Select a date
  4. Determine where the meals are going (local or international)
  5. Choose a meal – here are our seven meal varieties
  6. Determine funding needs (talk to our staff about various options)
  7. Set a goal for the number of meals and volunteers to package
  8. Start marketing your event (we can help with text-to-give, peer to peer and crowd funding on-line!)

Also, here is the math for how an event works:

  1. 1 bag is six meals
  2. 36 bags to a box (216 meals/servings per box)
  3. Box is 10x12x14 and weighs around 30 pounds
  4. 55 boxes to a 48×42 pallet (11,880 meals per pallet)

Packaging line

  1. Each line consist of 2 – 8’ tables put end to end with a chair at the end of each table
  2. 10 to 12 volunteers around each line
  3. In addition, each line needs a table leader which will be trained in advance
  4. Each line can package an average of 2,000 meals per hour

Here’s what the process looks like:

Appropriate for all ages!

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