United Way and The Outreach Program Announce Partnership to Battle Food Insecurities Through Volunteer Projects.

United Way Worldwide and The Outreach Program are pleased to announce our new partnership.

United Way and The Outreach Program share many commonalities, one of which is to engage volunteers in projects that create positive impact. Over the past 3 years, thousands of United Way volunteers have been involved in this program to help package more than 2 million meals for their communities. This partnership will focus on the engagement of additional United Way volunteers to package nutritious and delicious meals for food banks across the United States.

“Working with United Way will directly address our motto – Ending Hunger. Enriching Lives.  Hunger’s impact in America is a challenge we can overcome. Together we’re making a difference,” said Floyd Hammer, Founder of The Outreach Program.

United Way Worldwide selected The Outreach Program as a preferred partner after assessing its existing relationships with various local United Ways. Not only will this partnership create a positive impact on food insecurities but it also has the ability to engage small or large groups of volunteers. The participating volunteers enjoy their experiences of packaging the highly nutritious meals and are pleased to know that these meals will be staying right there in the community.

Co-founder of The Outreach Program, Kathy Hamilton said, “Working with United Way Worldwide raises  the awareness of hunger, and provides an affordable fun way for businesses, families, and individuals to come together to eliminate hunger in their communities. We are excited and grateful to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.”

By formalizing this partnership, The Outreach Program and local United Ways will engage thousands of volunteers and continue to battle food insecurities across the nation as well as abroad in some cases. You may find your community’s food insecurity rates by following this link to Map The Meal Gap.

To learn more about bringing this project to your community please contact Jerry Van Horne by phone (515) 287-9162 or email: jerry@outreachprogram.org.