Des Moines Area Rotary Clubs Team Up With Outreach to Package Meals for the Hungry!

For the first time in the 103-year-old history of the Rotary Club of Des Moines, eight area Rotary Clubs gathered to package 72,576 Outreach *Mac & Cheese Meals that were delivered to food banks and pantries in Central Iowa.

Rotary Club of Des Moines President for 2013-14, Dick Reasons, said, “It’s really a great day! It’s exciting to see so many Rotarians come together in the spirit of doing something for our local community!”

Over 260 volunteers gathered at the Des Moines warehouse/office to package 12,096 bags of food which were delivered to various organizations serving the hungry in Central Iowa.  $18,000 was raised to help pay for the meals which are 25 cents a meal.

Kyle McCormick, one of the event organizers said, “When we were looking for a service project for our club, it was brought to our attention that we have one of the greatest resources in Iowa to team up with, Floyd and Kathy Hammer. I don’t think people realize the gem that we have here that we’re providing the rest of the world.” Rotary Club of Des Moines Executive Director, Kitte Noble said, “It’s very gratifying and rewarding to see all the packages of food and boxes that are going out and knowing that we helped a lot of central Iowans who are hungry.”

Of the 336 boxes packaged, 169 went to the Central Iowa Food Bank.  110 went to DMARC (Des Moines Area Religious Council) and 19 boxes went to each of the Rotary Clubs in Waukee, Indianola, and Altoona.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture (and member of The Rotary Club of Des Moines) Bill Northey said, “It was fun to see the Rotary clubs almost compete with each other a little bit to see who could get the most number of boxes out; a lot of smiles; a lot of happy folks! It’s fun to be able to do something that matters.

Outreach Co-Founder Floyd Hammer says, “One of the unique things about our packaging event is that you hardly ever see anyone go out the door not smiling!”

Outreach Co-Founder Kathy Hamilton said, “This brings communities together; this brings our country together; this serves all of humanity!”

The Rotary Clubs participating in this were:

  • Greater Des Moines Rotary Club
  • Indianola Rotary Club
  • Waukee Rotary Club
  • Northwest Rotary Club
  • East Polk Rotary Club (Altoona)
  • West Des Moines Rotary
  • Des Moines AM Rotary Club
  • Rotary Club of Des Moines

Jaime Boersma, event organizer and CEO of Girl Scouts of Iowa said, “We’ve done it! We’re excited! And now we’re going to feed central Iowa!”

The Des Moines Metro area Rotary Clubs also helped Outreach send nearly 1.5 million meals to the Philippines to assist the victims of Typhoon Haiyan which killed over 6,000 people and left millions without homes and starving.

Another event organizer Walt Githens said, “This project meets the Rotary test in spades: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

Rotary District 6000 Governor for 2013-14, Jacque Andrew said, “It’s such a great experience for Rotarians to be together, to have fellowship, and to practice our motto which is service above self.”

Watch the Des Moines Rotary Food Packaging Event video here.

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