Children with School Uniforms

Singida, Tanzania, Children's Center

     We need 50 more school uniforms for children in Africa! Our goal is 200 and we have 150 already sponsored. Can you help us reach our goal and save a child’s life by helping them break the cycle of poverty and hunger?
     The Outreach Program helps more than 1,200 children in Tanzania, East Africa, at our Children’s Centers in Singida
and Manyoni. Outreach founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer, began the centers so children could receive the critical help they need to attend school.
     At our Children’s Centers, we provide them a school uniform, a meal so they don’t spend the day wandering the streets begging for food and an after-school tutor. They attend a government school, but there is no lunch program.
     Our model is so successful that in Manyoni, 28 students tested for the next level and 27 passed! That’s approximately twice as much as the national average.
For the price of a pizza you can be part of their journey to self-reliance.
For more information about our Promise of Education, go here!


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