Manyoni Children’s Center Dedication

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President Kitwete’s wife, after visiting the Singida Children’s Center, asked for many more centers to be built.  Regional Commissioner Kone suggested that the village of Manyoni, Tanzania should be the site for our second Outreach Children’s Center.  During our recent Medical Mission trip, we had our Manyoni Children’s Center Dedication. When Manyoni is fully functional, we will be providing school uniforms and daily feeding for over 1,200 children.

Manyoni was chosen because of the incredible number of vulnerable children.  Because of the location of Manyoni along a heavily travelled highway, the extreme amount of prostitution has created over 2,200 vulnerable children.  These street children may or may not have a roof over their head at night, but they are left the rest of the day to fend for themselves. We provide a uniform and a meal for them so they can go to the local school.  We believe that education is the best way to lift any country out of dire poverty, and in order for children to learn in school they must be fed.

When we arrived in Manyoni to see if they were ready for the dedication, the teachers and students were busy getting the grounds and building ready.  It was fun to see everyone gather for the celebration.  The Traditional Dancers, students, media, musicians, and the Outreach Medical team arrived first.  Then the Regional Commissioner arrived.

There were many performances of dancing and singing; poems created in honor of Outreach were read; speeches were given; the dedication was closed by prayer given by a Muslim imam followed by a prayer from a Catholic priest.  More than 250 local and national dignitaries came for the dedication.  It was a wonderful day!

We asked for women to volunteer as mentors to the many children (we expect there to be 1,200 from the streets) who will be coming for meals and a uniform so they can go to school.  These children will need to be taught family values, love, and honesty. With so many children, many volunteers will be needed.  Soon, there will be more ways for people in America to help as well.

In his speech, Dr. Kone was all ready talking about the location for the next Outreach Children’s Center. (President Kitwete’s wife wants at least another dozen centers built). If you would like to help with the feeding and school uniforms for the Manyoni center, please contact us.

Furthermore, if your church, civic organization, business, or family would be interested in providing the funds to build the next Children’s Center, please contact our founder:

Together, we make a difference.


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